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As a member of this community and a resident of our district, I, like many others here, do not believe that our values and priorities are being accurately represented in the Statehouse. I am running to represent District 99 to ensure our community’s concerns are both heard and acted upon. As a civically connected member of our community, a wife, a mom, and a teacher, I believe life in the Heartland is enriched for everyone when we give our children a quality education, provide greater accessibility to healthcare, and serve as protective stewards to the children of our communities. 

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Public Education is the Foundation of a Thriving Community

Champion of Public Education and Teachers

Kristi is a fourth generation public school teacher. In her decades-long career in education, she has taught in both parochial and public schools. She appreciates the benefits both institutions bring to our community. She believes stable, securely funded public schools that are equipped to meet the needs of all of our students and prepare our children to move on either to enter the workforce or pursue a higher education are essential to maintaining a thriving and desirable community. Programs that are designed to divert and reallocate funding away from public schools fail to meet the needs of our students and support our teachers and erode the quality of living within our community.

Healthy People Build a Healthy Economy

Preventative Care for More Makes Sense

 Kristi supports Medicaid expansion to keep more Kansans healthy. Healthy people are productive. Productive people contribute to our economy.

Healthy people = Healthy economy.  


Responsive to the Needs of Our Military Families

A Voice for Those Who Serve

Kristi is a Navy Mom and the sister of an Army Reservist. She understands the stress of deployment imposes upon our military service personnel and their families. She also understands second and third order effects of deployment that are consequences those that serve face that affect their ability to get and keep employment and the health issues unique to deployed service members. In Topeka, Kristi will serve as an advocate for our Kansas military families.



Meet Kristi

Kristi Kirk is a public school teacher in Wichita, holding a BFA from Emporia State University and a M.Ed. from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. She is a graduate of Kansas public schools, and a member of the Junior League of Wichita and Navy Moms Support Group.

Kirk has worked in various arenas - community college, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Department of Economic Development. Kristi has always been active in her community, working in a leadership program designed to recruit and train citizens to serve their communities, and has served on several boards such as the Adult Development Center, Single Parent Scholarship Committee, and Meals on Wheels.

After starting her family, Kristi continued her involvement in community service endeavors. She became a certified teacher, teaching in parochial schools in both Arkansas and Kansas. She is currently a middle school language arts teacher with USD 259.

Kristi lives in Wichita with her husband, Lance, who works in the aviation industry. Together, they have three grown sons and two grown daughters.


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“As a member of a military family, Kristi knows the struggles of our service people and the second and third order effects that they experience as consequences of deployment. Kristi will serve as a representative that listens and is responsive to the needs of those who serve.”



“Kristi will fight for expanded healthcare for Kansas citizens. ”



Kristi is also endorsed by KNEA (Kansas National Education Association. 


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I hope to speak to you in person when I'm out knocking on doors or maybe I will meet you at an event, but if I miss is my request....    

It's a fact that it takes money to run a campaign. I pledge to run a cost-efficient operation. With your support, I will be able to purchase palm cards, limited yard signs, postcards and thank you notes, which are just a few of the items that will help propel the momentum of turning out the vote in Kansas House District 99. I think the effective promotional asset, however, is YOU.... so, please, network, get the word out via social media and in person that for 2018, HD 99 has a candidate that wants to work for all.

Thank you.

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